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Reach for the Stars; An inspiring story of Renita Noronha in Beauty Therapy

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

"I would love to share some wonderful experiences of my career; I was born & brought up in Mumbai. Completed my studies & wondered what’s next! I always had a thought of becoming a banker. Sudden a day my aunt spoke to me about this beauty industry & asked me, “Why don’t you try it out?" & my answer to her was, "Will I be able?" So she introduced me to LTA School of Beauty. I happily enrolled in, started my Salon Graduate Program (Industry's Most Comprehensive Professional-Diploma) in 2014. Got all my kit bags for skin, hair, makeup & I was happy to see such things with me! Here it starts, my lectures for Skin, Hair, Makeup & Nail Art. Got to learn a lot using machines for face & body (Aesthetic treatments), Got a sound knowledge of spa, skilled at Hair color, hair-cuts, nail art & trendy makeup (fashion, fantasy, bridal etc). All over this couldn't have happened without such wonderful, beautiful & helpful trainers, who were always there to guide & support at any time I needed them.

While this long term program, My trainers helped me to grow more & know more about this industry & introduced me to an international program which  undoubtedly I agreed & enrolled in for CIDESCO ( World's Highest Qualification in Beauty Therapy) in 2015. "I was on the top of the mountain & scared too" knowing there was a examiner coming from South Africa to examine us! Then there I got to learn about Hygiene skills, skills to welcome a client & make them look beautiful..Anatomy & Physiology of human body, Health & Nutrition plans etc. Later an exam & practical was been healed with a special subject in which i performed a Hot Stone Spa Therapy with a Beach theme, which was loved by all & finally I was a Certified Beauty Therapist !  "I will reach for the stars no matter how hard it seems, and fly like a bird with the knowledge this journey brings."

The experience in these 2 years of my life was really worth for "WHAT I AM TODAY". Joining this Industry & the experience is worth that "I can make every person look beautiful." LTA did help me with good Job placements, & I was lucky to work later with KAYA SKIN CLINIC as it was my first step of success & now it’s more than a year, me working with this industry. The social & financial growth in this Industry makes my Mom & Dad proud, who always said "Yes" to me & showering their blessings while I was climbing each steps. My Trainers who believed in me, without them I couldn't even believe myself standing so high as a Cosmetologist! And finally My Aunt who encouraged me to start this, A Very Big "THANK YOU" to all. 
I would love to help anyone starting with this Beauty carrer & would love to recommend you to join in LTA school of Beauty, a school where your Dreams come true. "A successful start will always make you a successful person."

"Because your success is their Mission !"

( Note: The editor has made no editing in the story so as to maintain the spirit and feelings of the person, its been published as it was shared by the student, so ignore the grammars and get inspired by the feelings of the person)

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Reach for the Stars; An inspiring story of Renita Noronha

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