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Appropriate Beauty Therapy Education is Key to success in beauty salon industry

Ms. Gurmeet Kamra is the owner of Touch n Glow Salon, Bangalore and she shares her experience of choosing career in beauty therapy and how it created opportunity of enterpreneurship in beauty therapy. 

Coming from a Sikh community where hair cutting is not allowed, to establish a career in this industry was definitely challenging and tough but I took the tough way easy. I had great interest in Hair, Makeup and use to keep experimenting with stuff here n there.

Salon and own salon was always in my thoughts but never could put up to my family that I was interested in salon business. I did my first few course in 1996-97 & started my salon in Bangalore in the name of Touch n Glow Salon in 1998.

Business started coming as Beauty was at time booming and need for grooming services was the most demanded thing in corporate world of Bangalore. Soon there was great need of professional aesthetics services and with growing splurge of Internet, the clients started demanding different advance services which I was unaware of.

This took me to a back foot and I started withdrawing where I came to know about cosmetology services which can be done by CIDESCO graduates only. I started enquiring and came to know about LTA School of Beauty & its flexible training formula which would balance me between home and education.

Since education was the need of the hour as I could miss my set business, I got immense support from my in-laws & husband to pursue this qualification. CIDESCO & CIDESCO @ LTA School of Beauty was a life changing experience. I learnt which I had never thought of using & professing otherwise. CIDESCO changed my complete perception of Skin Services & Skin treatments. For me hair comes very naturally as I like playing with new designs, texture but SKIN & education in Skin brought confidence in my and my clients.

One change which I personally feel in me after doing CIDESCO is that I have become a very patient person. I have started taking education and teaching my students the right was of doing skin services. I would like to thank all trainers & Vaishali Maam that under her guidance I have been able to open my second salon very soon and now today both are running equally good.

Message to beauty industry – This industry is vast and ever changing but the foundation, the basis of Skin will remain the same. I would request whoever joins the beauty industry should complete some basic education and keep themselves upgrading. CIDESCO Diploma is worlds highest qualification in Beauty therapy & doing it from LTA has been a Life Transforming experience. Thanks to all my teachers, my husband, my in-laws and my children for having faith in me and letting me pursue what I had dreamt off

By Gurmeet Kamra, Owner Touch n Glow Salon, Bangalore


( Note: The editor has made no editing in the story so as to maintain the spirit and feelings of the person, its been published as it was shared by the contributor, so ignore the grammars and get inspired by the feelings of the person)

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