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In Beauty Therapy and makeup artistry; World is not enough for creativity

We bring you the case study of Ms. Ravina Bhatti who had represented India for beauty therapy skill in World Skill Competition, 2013 and made India proud. The case study highlights the fact that the world is not enough for creative people as Ravina Bhatti achieved high success in beauty therapy and received accolades from all parts of the country.

I started my education in Beauty therapy in the year 2011 after completing my class twelfth examination. I was a science student and belonged to the Gujarati family born in Gujarat but last 10 years was staying in Mumbai. Just hanging around with friends I came across an article in Magazine which talked about various career options & Beauty therapy was one of them. I started with Basic module with LTA and very soon came to know more about CIDESCO diploma which was regarded as world’s highest qualification in Beauty Therapy. CIDESCO had lot of Science and my parents got convinced that with this diploma their daughter will definitely have a settled future.

I was only 17 years of age when I started my training and the exposure that I got from LTA changed my entire life. My age, my qualification & training in beauty therapy took me to the World stage @ World Skills Competition 2013 which brought lot of name and fame. This platform gave me the easiest and shortest way to being Rich & Famous. It got me MY FIRST Job with the best of best brands in skin care – The Dermalogica at pay scale which people generally dream off. I feel very lucky & blessed because at the age where my college friends are still struggling to find their career path, beauty industry & LTA has given me the direction where I am way ahead for them to catch up with me.

My training experience at LTA taught me lot of things. I was unaware that the beauty industry has grown so much and there is so much scientific approach in handling clients. My training at LTA exposed me to an International Gateway which I had never ever dreamt of – The World Skills Competition. Winning the Nationals & preparing to represent ones country is a lifetime experience. It’s definitely a very proud feeling. Very few get the chance of getting Indian flag with their name written on it. It is not easy. The education which I got from LTA still helps me a lot in my working career with different brands. I feel safe to handle and indulge in any new treatment or therapy as I have my basics right.

I would recommend people who are creative and look for exciting options should join beauty industry together with their college. It gives oneself multiple choice in Skin, Hair, Makeup, Nail and everytime it keeps you on toes doing something different, creative & the most important point is it is remunerative. CIDESCO & World Skills gave me a better entry to my pay scale but it two years’ time my salary increased manifold times.

I take opportunity to thank all my mentors at LTA & Vaishali Ma’am for guiding me to my successfully --- yes I can call it successful journey & making my teachers, mentors & parents proud.

Ravina Bhatti 


( Note: The editor has made no editing in the story so as to maintain the spirit and feelings of the person, its been published as it was shared by the contributor, so ignore the grammars and get inspired by the feelings of the person)

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