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Unique & Trendy Nail manicures will definately gives you nightmares!

The make-up and fashion industry is full of strange trends and the list is only getting longer with each passing day. The latest to hit the market are manicures with ants trapped in the nails, pimple-popping nails, feet-shaped nails amongst others.
Nail Art Queen @Nail_Sunny has a huge number of 1.8 million followers on Instagram! She was first spotted by Cosmopolitan for her new nail manicure design that she calls "feet manicure". She has also given the world more frightening looks, mainly the most popular Halloween look: pimple-popping nails! Some of her recent creations also include: trapped ants, Kylie and Stormi nails and more! Here we have listed a few that legit TREMBLED us, feel free to dismay and astonish yourself on the Russian Manicurist's Instagram account.
Check out the pictures here.
One of the most popular creations is the feet manicure which is done by using acrylic nail extensions to give a great impression of a baby’s feet. Coming back to the “feet manicure” which is bizarrely on your hand and not your feet: the manicure is one difficult task if you want to re-form @nail-sunny’s look! She uses acrylic nail extensions to shape out baby like feet out of the nails!!! Yes, it’s totally crazy yet mind boggling and creative! The tiny feet are contoured to perfection and also accessorized with a dangling anklet and pedicured red nails. To add to our astonishment the video also introduces the “feet” as they dance and walk around. Here’s the look:
Check out the pictures here.
We’re totally shattered and hooked to this account!
Comment below and let us know if you’re yay or nay about the feet pedicure!

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