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Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment; if you are the one who is very particular to “how your hair looks” then there are 99% chances that you have heard of Brazilian blowout. Brazilian Blowout is making lot of rounds in the world of fashion & hair styles. If you are keeping a watch on fashion and styles of glam world then you notice every second day there is some celebrity who is gossiped about having Brazilian blowout. And we are sure, you are willing to know why is so hush hush around Brazilian blowout. Then , lets come straight to Brazilian blowout.

If you have coarse, curly, thick, frizzy hair and looking out for the ways of relaxing and straightening your hair, then this is definitely for you. Brazilian blowout is a hair smoothing procedure used for hair straightening. Brazilian blowout is performed with a keratin formula used for straightening hair without affecting or causing damage to hair follicles.   The keratin formula used in Brazilian blowout bonds the protein to the strand of hair and creates a protective outer layer. This protective layer acts as a wall against external damages.

Brazilian blowout works as a best treatment for diminishing Frizz, smoothing and relaxing the hair. The treatment makes your hair shiny, hydrated and resilient to heat styling and humidity. If you get hair color done, then make sure that you get it done before the procedure of Brazilian blowout. You can go for Brazilian blowout for color treated hair, in fact Brazilian blowout after hair color will seal the color. Irrespective of climate, it will be very easy for you to manage your hair after Brazilian blowout.  

How Brazilian Blowout is done:

The keratin formula used in Brazilian blowout contains proteins obtained from blend of amino acids.

  • The procedure starts with shampooing your hair twice or thrice so as to remove the products.
  • As a next step, your stylist shall dry your hair to a level of minimum moisture into hair.
  • After that the product (Brazilian blowout Formula) is applied in the direction of root to tip of hair.
  • Once the product is applied, the stylist shall go for blow dry your hair and go for flat iron.
  • The 450 degree heated flat iron will seal the product and when the hair are completely dry then rinse the product with shampoo.
  • As a last step, a conditioner should be applied, rinse it and dry the hair to end the procedure.

If you want your hair to be partly curly or just want to tame frizz, then you should inform your stylist. Because more flat iron means more straightening so you should inform your stylist if you want a mix of curly. Your stylist by right use of flat iron can make your hair smoother while keeping the texture of your hair.

Difference with Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment:

The complete Brazilian blowout treatment shall not take more than one and half hour. And post that you are free to play your hair. Like you can style it, you can wash it, you can do whatever you want to do with your hair and the effect shall remain for about three months.

On the other side, the Keratin treatment shall take 2-3 hours to finish and you are not literally free. You have to wash out the product after three days. And till these 3 days, you are not allowed to anything with your hair which can crease it. For these 3 days, you can not wear pins, barrettes, you can not style, you can not wash or you can not tie it.

So there is a big advantage of convenience with Brazilian blowout that it is done just after you leave the salon. But there is a dark side to Brazilian blowout that it has been in controversy for the high concentration of formaldehyde (methylene glycol) in the formula. In Canada, the Brazilian blowout treatment was banned for having higher level of Formaldehyde. In the list of chemicals, formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical which is carcinogenic and this considered unsafe for using in hair straightening products. When a product containing ingredient methylene glycol is heated, it releases formaldehyde resulting into a dangerous chemical exposure.

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