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Budding Hair Dresser Makeup Artist

This is the success case study of Ms. Erica Dias. Erica Dias, currently working with – The Dollhouse – A 5-star Salon in the heart of Jumeirah, The Dubai Ladies Club as a Senior Hair Dresser& Makeup Artist Erica Dias, currently working with – The Dollhouse – A 5-star Salon in the heart of Jumeirah, The Dubai Ladies Club as a Senior Hair Dresser& Makeup Artist  

QUALIFICATION- Taking up LTA’s most comprehensive program – Salon Graduate Program popularly known as SGP changed her life. She also completed two topmost international certifications – CIDESCO & City & Guilds in Hair Dressing.

Erica, comes from a middle class family with hometown in Mangalore, Karnataka but brought-up in Mumbai. Like any teen aged girl, she liked to explore different activities. She started with Modelling, shooting & participating in different events.

She was not too serious about her career and did not know what to follow. Her father guided her to pursue Makeup as she had the edge to work out different things for herself. This discussion made her think why not give it a try.

LTA & SGP @ LTA came very naturally to her as the program was comprehensive skilling her in ALL aspects of Beauty with international standards of training. This was the turning point of her life where she came to know that with right certification in beauty she has all possible ways to follow her passion & work ABROAD with high income potential. Erica suddenly saw change coming in her. She became more serious to pursue the course and would work day in out to save money for her instalments. This hard work came with loads of goodies and she started earning back from the beauty industry as freelancer while doing the course.

CIDESCO gave her the edge over others and getting job at Doha Qatar with “Total Beauty Center” became very easy. She worked as Senior Technical Head & wanted to grow very Fast.

Her sound knowledge of the subject helped her explore her creativity. Erica started creating her own looks in makeup & Hair styling.

Very soon she moved on to a 5 STAR Salon named “THE DOLLHOUSE” which was providing salon & spa services @ THE DUBAI LADIES CLUB, very renowned in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Erica says – “This salon has all high profile clients and to get through them is very challenging & this made me very nervous. My training @ LTA helped me establish connect with these clients as we were taught to analyse, ask questions about the lifestyle of the client & accordingly plan a service & advise them and then perform it. This communication with the client helped me connect very well & now I have list of regular clients who want service only from me & the list is now going long.

My employer Ms. Mona Kattan is very happy with my work & I am enjoying this exposure. Thanks to LTA & all the teaching team to lay the foundation of right knowledge & skills which at the meagre age of 23 has helped me achieve & establish myself independently that my family & my FATHER is proud of me. My future plan would be to come back to INDIA after 5-8 years and start my own chain of salon. This industry has creativity, this industry is diverse and there is immense potential to grow if you have the right knowledge & certification. 


( Note: The editor has made no editing in the story so as to maintain the spirit and feelings of the person, its been published as it was shared by the contributor, so ignore the grammars and get inspired by the feelings of the person)

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