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Sucess story of Women Entrepreneur Neha Parekh

CIDESCO education led me to successful salon business venture

Neha Parekh,  Director & Owner of Neha’s Beauty & SPA,  Nandurbar  & Baroda is a case study to reckon with for the importance of CIDESCO education to make a successful venture in salon business. The case study highlights the fact that to make a succesful salon importance, appropriate education plays a vital role. 

Beauty Education & Career in Beauty was never a thought when I was in my college days in a small town named Nandurbar in Maharashtra around 360 kilometers away from Mumbai, the beauty hub. I was quite good in studies and as every parent, my parents also pushed me to take up Science but it landed up completing my D. Pharma. Life was not moving after that so I picked up some hobby classes and did a small beauty course in Nandurbar. In 2005 I started my career as Beautician from home in a single room area of around 100sq feet.

My clients were very happy with my work & this positive response and appeal from them encouraged me to expand. The first & most important hurdle was my incomplete knowledge which was somehow stopping me. My family, my husband were ready to invest in parlor but I thought something is missing in me which cannot give clients the complete satisfaction. I decided to upgrade my knowledge & Skills. I enquired about the best and most recognized qualification & found CIDESCO Diploma from Switzerland had all possible information that I was looking for. Since I was a science student, I could understand how this program will benefit me when I relate to skin analysis and treatments.

LTA School of Beauty – Mumbai is where I joined CIDESCO as it gave me flexible options. Since my children were small, shifting to Mumbai to pursue MY education was out of question, but LTA gave me once / twice a week format which I grabbed and started. I got huge support from my family, in-laws & husband and successfully completed my Most prestigious QUALIFICATION IN 2013.

CIDESCO & training @ LTA School of Beauty boosted my inner confidence. It made me a true professional and this all my Clients feels and share as feedback. My business has grown multiple times. With me being the FIRST lady to complete CIDESCO in Nandurbar, my Salon Neha’s Beauty & SPA is regarded as the most professional salons in Nandurbar. I further expanded and have another salon in BARODA where my parents are staying currently.

Life has changed completely. Now with a well trained team of staff members I am able to provide top quality service to my clients. CIDESCO brought passion in me to SERVE clients with focused results and not just make money. Every day comes with new thoughts to serve clients differently and introduce new service experience.

I am grateful to my family & husband to support me and THANK LTA School of Beauty & all my trainers from the core of my HEART to make this journey of 11years more beautiful & exciting. 

(By Neha Parekh,  Director & Owner of Neha’s Beauty & SPA)


( Note: The editor has made no editing in the story so as to maintain the spirit and feelings of the person, its been published as it was shared by the contributor, so ignore the grammars and get inspired by the feelings of the person)

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