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Different Types of Facials and their Skin Benefits

When on the hunt for a treatment that will help you maintain clear, healthy skin with a radiant complexion, you can’t go wrong with a facial.  Depending on where you go, a facial can mean different things to different people, and some are more invasive than others.  Some will require you to go once a week for sessions and others will recommend more time between treatments.  Most facials involve cleansing the skin, toning it, and removing impurities.  Some will involve the use of creams, gels or lotions, and often your beauty consultant will speak to you first, for an in-depth look at what your skin needs are, what you enjoy, what results you’re looking for, and what you might want to avoid. Maybe you’re just looking for a one time session to see how a facial can improve your skin for that special occasion, and that’s ok too.  Depending on the type of treatment you opt for, a facial can last anywhere from 15 minutes to about an hour and a half.

Before you try any treatment, you should tell you consultant about any allergies you have so that they can be sure to use only products that won’t give you a reaction.  You should also let them know if you’re pregnant for the same reason.   If, during the session you feel pain or discomfort, don’t keep it to yourself, as the therapist may be able to treat your skin in a different manner that will offer you a better experience.   Ask any questions you might have; your facial treatment will be done by a professional and she or he will be open to giving you the information you require.

Microdermabrasion Facial

This non surgical procedure uses tools with tiny crystals or even diamonds to help buff the outer layers of the skin away, leaving on fresh, newer skin to face the world.  As a side effect, the abrasion stimulates the production of collagen and helps to stimulate new cell growth.  Your skin will feel soft and smooth.

Brightening Facial

Does your skin look a tad on the dull side?  This facial evens out your skin tone with antioxidants (Vitamin C, for example) that increases your skin’s natural defences.  Typically the procedure has its best benefits from applying masks and through the use of mild acid treatments.

Enzyme Facial

If you’re suffering from acne, an enzyme facial is your cure.  These types of facials often use fruit acid along with some antioxidants to provide a deep clean and eliminate further facial blemishes.  It will also have an impact on redness and swelling.

Anti-Aging Facial

This treatment is heavy on the collagen and is typically done on women over the age of 30.  The procedure will exfoliate the skin, use a mask, a serum, and clean pores by extraction.

Fruit Acid Facial

Get your fruits by eating them and having the best of them used in your facial scrub and cleanser!  Apples are a good exfoliate while the bleaching properties of lemons can be used to brighten a complexion.

Electric Current Facial

Mild levels of current are applied to your face and wet through wet sponges, and said to be a wonderful age reversing technique.  The electric current facial is often used as a substitute for Botox.  It helps drain lymph nodes and smoothes unwanted wrinkles.

Lymphatic Massage Facial

Sometimes your body loses or hasn’t properly developed the ability to remove lymph, which will cause water retention and swelling in your face.  Once the lymphatic glands are stimulated (through the facial massage), some of that tension and swelling can be relieved.

Acupuncture Facial

The Chinese have practised acupuncture for thousands of years, and now as a facial treatment it helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production.  During the procedure, needles are inserted slightly into the face in several areas where wrinkles are apparent. This serves to firm skin and reduce fine lines.  

Vampire Facial

Looking for something a little off the wall?  During a vampire facial, a gel made partly from your own blood is applied to areas of your face (or an all over application can be done) to treat signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.  It also helps to improve skin tone.

Gem Facial

You read that right – this is a facial that uses a variety of gems to balance energy levels and make your skin appear fresh and youthful.  For those who believe that gems have special powers, this is a great option for you!  Often the gems are combined with the use of aromatherapy and antioxidants so you’ll get a well rounded treatment.

About the Author:

This article is written by Nina Wells. Nina is a guest author from Clearwells and is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under her belt.

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