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Tips for getting Healthy, glowing and Wrinkle free skin using Exfoliate

Exfoliation should be part of your weekly skin care routine. After CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising), Exfoliation is the next most important step of good skin care practice. Experts recommend exfoliation at least once in a week so as to maintain glowing and smoother skin.  Exfoliation is a cosmetic process of removing dead cells from the outer surface of the skin. As a natural process, skin leaves approx 40000 dead skin cells every minute.

Why Exfoliation:

Our skin creates new cells regularly and these new cells are created under the outer skin layer, epidermis. Once these new cells are created these drifts out to the upper layer and it pushes the dead skin cells out. But as skin ages, the process of regeneration of new cells slows down making way of increased dead cells piling up on the skin surface. These piled up dead skin cells makes skin dull and may clog the pores which can result in blemishes, acne. The exfoliation process eradicates these dead skin cells making skin radiant, fresh and glowing.

How to Exfoliate:

There are two ways to exfoliate skin, one is using chemical and other is manual scrub. The chemical exfoliation products available in the market contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid which  eradicate dead skin cells by braking the bond which hold these dead cells with skin. The manual exfoliation involves the simple scrub which removes dead skin cells. It is advised that one should consult an esthetician or skin care expert for choosing the right exfoliation for your skin type.  The exfoliation product should be selected as per the complexion and sensitivity of your skin.  If you are using a manual scrub, make sure that the chosen scrub is smooth and gentle to your skin so as to avoid any skin injury or irritation.

Benefits of Exfoliation:  

  • Smoother and softer texture of skin
  • Glowing and brightened complexion
  • Reduce the acne and eczema
  • Increase blood circulation for healthy and glowing skin
  • Helps in skin discoloration and uneven skin tone
  • Keeps control of fine lines and wrinkles

Whatever is the reason for you for exfoliation, the point is that exfoliation should be part of your regular skin care routine for marinating and younger and glowing skin. 

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