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How to choose a facial for your salon client

As a salon professional or esthetician, you would always like to be extra careful while choosing the ‘Facial Type’ suitable to your client!. In order to understand what ‘Facial Type’ will work best for your client it is imperative to understand the “Skin Type”. Choosing and applying right facial type is total science and if you start the process right, your client will appreciate your expertise in the subject. The science of choosing the right facial kit starts with understanding the “Skin Type”.

There are 5 common Skin Types and remember that it may change over time in the process of ageing.  The types of skin are related to the ‘water’ retained in the skin and ‘Oil’ in the skin. The water in the skin affects the comfort and elasticity of the skin whereas oil in the skin affects the softness of the skin.

1.       Normal Skin Type:

This is a skin type which is neither oily nor dry and blessed with no or few imperfection. It contains hardly any visible pores and displays radiant complexion and is soft with smooth skin tone. If you wipe it with a tissue there will be hardly any trace of oil.

Suitable Facial: Normal skin adapts to a wide range of facials including masks, creams, gel and peel off. The basic objective of the chosen facial kit for this skin type should be to keep complexion in optimum level. An hydrating and light facial can go well with this skin type. Since this skin type can adapt to wide range, it does not mean that you apply a facial meant for other skin type then the results can be counter effective.

2.       Dry Skin:

This is one of the uncomfortable types of skin displaying dull and rough complexion.  This is less elastic and lacks in suppleness, softness and is fragile causing itching, tightening sensation. It may also have red patches and irritated areas. This skin type lacks in water as the lipids responsible for good hydration are insufficient causing issues of retention of water in the skin. Since this skin type has low level of sebum so does not maintain the optimum oil balance in the skin. This skin type can crack, peel and become itchy, irritated or inflamed easily. The dry skin can become worse due to wind, sun, cold, UV radiation, indoor heating, hormonal changes or ageing.

Suitable Facial: Since this skin type struggle with water deficiency, a facial which is hydrating and contains moisturizing properties will work best. A wrongly chosen facial for dry skin can be harsh to this skin. The fruit facials which hydrate the skin area can do well for this skin type. 

3.       Oily Skin:

 You wipe it with a tissue and notice blots of oil especially from the cheeks, forehead and nose area. This is an oily skin type which has higher sebum level producing more oil than the normal level. The factors responsible for oily skin include hereditary, diet, hormonal level, puberty, stress, humidity and others. Oily skin displays enlarged pores, thick complexion and it is highly prone to pimples, blackheads, and blemishes. It has an uneven tone and greasy appearance.

Suitable Facial: This is an acne prone skin type and facial massage with cream or moisturizer should be avoided. The facial which removes excessive oil, tighten the pores and minimize breakouts. A facial which involves clay mask or mud mask or charcoal based mask can go well for this skin type.

4.       Combination Skin:

If we have understood above skin type then it is easy to understand as this skin could be combination of normal, dry or oily some areas. In this skin type, generally the T-zone (Forehead, Nose and Chin) showcases the characters of oily skin. The other area of face could be either normal or dry skin type. The best skin care regimen for this skin type should include treating each region differently.

Suitable Facial: A uniform approach may not work in this skin type and therefore you have to treat different area differently. A facial with exfoliating ingredients and foam based cleanser can go well for this skin type.   

5.       Sensitive Skin:

Sensitive skin means different things to different people and this skin type can be allergic to one or many things. It may show the characteristics of easy redness, itching, burning and the triggers are different for different people. This skin type reacts adversely to many ingredients and thus a special care has to be taken for choosing the cosmetics for this skin type.

Suitable Facial: Just like the skin type, you have to be sensitive in choosing the right facial for this skin type. Avoid any facial which contains harsh chemical or ingredients. Before proceeding do a patch test and study the ingredients of the facial as it should not contain which could be allergic to the skin of your client. The facial for this skin type can be very subjective as it depends upon what all it has allergies to.

So you see, choosing a facial for your clients is a deep science which starts with the understanding of skin type of your client. As a thumb rule, always study the ingredients of the facial and try to understand the role of those ingredients so that you produce best results for your client. You should also give weight age to the company or brand while selecting a facial kit for your client. A company like Asta Berry which is trusted and dedicated to quality products should always be the one on top of your priority. You should not compromise with the quality of the product and company as the ingredients in the product will play an important role. Remember the fact that any product which is applied on the skin goes deep into the skin and then blood stream so ensure that the product is free from harsh chemicals. You can blindly rely on the products by Asta Berry which are of world-class standard as these are manufactured by natural ingredients and contains no chemicals which can produce any adverse effects on the skin of your client. Asta Berry sources its natural ingredients from its own farms which ensures the quality of the formulation and hence product.

Then the objectives of the facials can also be different like some client may be looking for glowing, some may be for anti-acne or for radiant skin. Whatsoever is the objective, understand their skin type and choose the facial which works best for them.

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