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How to leverage off-season for beauty salon business?

History shows that the organizations that continue to invest in their knowledge enhancement and skill capabilities during low business times are those that fare best when season returns. During low business time or off-season, focus is crucial. During off-season beauty salons, beauticians, makeup artists face a real dilemma: how to maintain that focus and manage costs tightly.  However the bright side of the off-season is that it’s an opportunity to upgrade our skill capabilities and knowledge and make ourself highly prepared to leverage the most of the season. The off-season should be utilized to invest in yourself and resources (staff) by adding additional skills with improved knowledge to serve our customers better when the season returns.

How you should leverage your lean time (Off-season) answers the expert at LTA School of Beauty:

The biggest differentiator in the beauty industry is your knowledge and skill, your competitor can replicate every part of your service but knowledge is one aspect which can not be copied by your competitor. In fact your service and knowledge sets you apart from other salons, beauticians and makeup artists and this is the area where you should invest continuously.

If you ask beauty parlour or individual salon owners in India as to which aspect of your salon do you invest your maximum financial resource invariably the answer would be interior. Now if you ask them next question as which is that aspect of your salon business which cannot be easily copied or replicated then the answer after some deliberation would be the knowledge and skills of professionals working in that salon or their own skills and knowledge. Now if one poses the question in that case where should logically be the maximum investment be made if one has to gain in the long term or be in the business successfully for a long time? Reluctant admission would be in skill training and knowledge acquisition in the field of beauty therapy, hair dressing, spa therapy, makeup and nail art.

And what is the best to acquire skills and upgrade capabilities is the off-season time as you & your staff is relatively free. This is also the best investment so as to retain your resources and head into the direction of providing best services for your customers.

As Abraham Lincoln once said “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”, the same is applicable to the salon business. If you wish to leverage the season and grow your business, it is advisable that you use off-season to acquire skills and upgrade capabilities. Since wedding, marriage, festivals are the key drivers for salon business; the next 30-45 days will be low in business for beauticians, makeup artists, salons.  This is an off-season and you can do nothing about it except you either worry about how to meet regular expenses or think proactively to sharpen your axe or sow a seed of enhanced knowledge and skill competencies. The salons & artists who think progressively would definitely use this time to upgrade the skills and acquire qualification in hair, makeup, nail and skin treatments during this phase.

Learn More to Earn More should be the motto. LTA School of Beauty offers array of courses to cater to need of beauty professionals when they need it the most and at time which suits them the most. LTA School of Beauty India's most popular international beauty academy introduces various workshops (1-6 days), One Day Seminars, Short courses and international beauty diploma courses at all its training locations. Enroll in the workshops, seminars and short courses as per the skill or training requirement for you and your staff so that you are ready with more arms and ammunition when season is back.

To know details of such workshops, seminars and also world's most prestigious diploma CIDESCO  offered by LTA School of Beauty, SMS BEAUTY COURSES <your city name> to 56767 Or log on to www.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM

In lean business time, it is often overlooked the “Inside-Makeover’ aspect of the business that can serve the customers best. Inside-Makeover includes identifying the key areas of services and skills which needs more attention. How we can serve our customers with larger offerings and more than that how we can add more offerings for our customers as the season comes back. Analyze the previous occasions where we have lacked in terms of providing complete services to our customers or the process followed by our salon. You should also use this time for exploring the possibilities of strategic tie-ups for continued training and resource planning. 

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