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How to prevent cross infection at your salon

The education series of salon hygiene practice is brought to you by LTA School of Beauty. It is purely purported to educate and guide the salon managers and staff to understand and maintain salon hygiene. This is the 2nd article of four part series of Salon Hygiene Practice.

In the previous article of Salon Hygiene Practice series, we understood the importance of maintaining salon hygiene and why it plays greater role for salons.  In the 1st article, we also learnt about 5 aspects of Salon Hygiene which one need to focus so as to prevent infection. Read here https://www.beaupal.com/en/blog/importance-of-salon-hygiene-practice-for-increased-business-and-client.htm

In this article, 2nd part of Salon Hygiene Practice, we shall focus on the first aspect of the sources of infections i.e Cross Infection.

Cross Infection is the infection which can transmit from client to salon staff or from salon staff to client.  Every day, many clients and staff enter the salon and they carry billions of germs with them in the form of fungi, bacteria, viruses. Not all germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi) carried by the person are harmful, but there are bacteria & viruses which can cause infection to you, your staff or your client.  When these harmful bacteria or other micor-organisms enter the body it can cause infection.

Salon staff with obvious diseases like cold, cough etc spread air borne disease while sneezing and coughing and should not be treating clients and ideally clients with such ailments should avoid visiting salons for their services. One should take extreme care while treating clients with open wounds as there are risks of several bacterial, viral and fungal infections spreading via blood, pus and other body fluid contact.


Precaution prior to treatment:

Beauty therapist should identify contra indications (conditions under which a particular treatment cannot be undertaken) at the time of client consultation itself and advise client to consult their doctor if they suspect their client has visible sign of infection in the area where beauty treatment has been sought for example redness, itchiness, open wounds and sore skin .

7 Must for Beauty Therapist; 7 things a beauty therapist must do to avoid cross infections from their end

1.Nails always trimmed and cleaned regularly to avoid harbouring harmful germs

2. Hands to be washed/sanitized regularly after usage of toilet and every client treatment     

3. Clothes should be very clean & tidy and ideally should not come in contact with clients (short sleeves recommended )

4. Disposable gloves to be used wherever possible and definitely to be used  in treatment such as intimate waxing and micro derma abrasion where there is a possibility of contact with body fluids

5. Cover your mouth with clean mask if you suspect having cough and cold

6. Ideally therapist should take shower before they start their first service as they would carry plenty of microbes with them while on their way to workplace

7. Refrain from work if have any condition which is likely to be contagious or infectious( any diseases which spread through direct contact or are air borne)  

In the next article we would cover other aspect of salon hygiene which is equally important and every salon owner and individual working in salon/beauty treatment centre should take serious note of that. In the next article, we will discuss about the infection which are spread through inanimate Secondary Contact Surfaces and how to  prevent spread of infection.  

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