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Importance of Salon Hygiene Practice for increased business and client satisfaction

The education series of salon hygiene practice is brought to you by LTA School of Beauty. It is purely purported to educate and guide the salon managers and staff to understand and maintain salon hygiene. This is the first article of four part series of Salon Hygiene Practice.

We all know the importance of keeping our home, kitchen, bathroom and our workplace very clean. This becomes more important if we are running a salon because of the nature of activity and procedures carried out in the salon. Salon hygiene is about ensuring that your salon is a safe, secure and hygienic both in terms of personal hygiene and the hygienic practice followed by staff. By virtue of nature of activity at salon, we use products and equipments which are prone to infection and it is critically important for salon manager and staff to understand the appropriate hygiene practice at salon and implement the same.

It is the responsibility of everyone working in the salon to follow basic hygiene practice and prevent infection. Not only for your staff, but salon hygiene also has greater role for your salon business and the clients visiting your salon.

Growing consumer awareness and greater emphasis on health and safety has made it mandatory for salons and beauty service centers to go beyond providing basic services. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for their health and safety .It is evident from the number of people taking  to ‘mineral ‘  or bottled water . Interesting example is that people willing to pay 4 times more price for a movie in a multiplex as compared to what they would pay for in a single screen theatre. 

5 aspects of source of infection in salon

Beauty Parlours , SPAs and Beauty Clinics are dotting every location in INDIA where some degree of modernity has touched it . These setups provide basic personal grooming like threading, waxing, pedicure, manicure, hair cuts & facials to advance face, body treatments, shaping & rejuvenation.

What separates amateur service to world class service in beauty industry apart from ambience and personal warmth is the emphasis given to client Hygiene and Safety. Evolved service sector in India such as Hotels and Airlines have adopted best practices of Hygiene followed world wide. It may be partly due to the fact they cater to international clients as well. However that should not deter Indian Beauty service industry from adopting and implementing some of the well established norms of Salon hygiene.

In this series of Salon Hygiene, presented by LTA School of Beauty, you will learn appropriate Salon Hygiene Practice and the associated different types of infection and what are the causes. As a salon manager or staff, if you follow this basic Salon Hygiene Practice, you not only avoid infection but you also earn client’s satisfaction and loyalty leading to sustainable business from your clients.

In this four part series LTA School of Beauty bring in some of the most relevant aspects of Salon Hygiene   in Indian context. Salon Hygiene fundamentally is to do with prevent and control infections among clients and staff working in such environment.

There are broadly 5 aspects one need focus on when it comes to understanding source of infection spreading to   clients:

  • Cross Infection – Infection from salon staff to clients or vice-versa
  • Clients Contact  Surface -  Chairs , Beds , Hair wash station, gowns ,capes, bands etc
  • Clients utility area – Toilets , pantries ,  telephone , computers etc
  • Non-invasive Instruments and tools -  Equipments used for manicure, pedicure , hair cuts , beauty and body treatments
  • Invasive equipments – Equipments used for body piercing , micro-needle, Botox, Fillers  etc

In the next article as a part of series on Salon Hygiene Practice, we shall learn to maintain the hygiene and prevent above infections.

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