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International Esthetician- I dreamt of creating a beautiful world

Ms. Safrin Maknojia is an international esthetician working with 'Oh My Brows' situated in Texas, USA. Safrin started her big journey with an ambition of creating something different in her life and opted for a career in beauty therapy. How she made it big in this industry, learn from her story.


Safrin Maknojia, a typical house-lady now AN International Esthetician, belonged to a conservative Gujarati family and finished her academic education too from a small town in Gujarat. She could only pursue her high secondary education and was made to marry by her family members. Because of early marriage & joint family responsibilities she could not study further. Her life revolved around family with Medium income and she underwent hardship to keep her family moving. 

Safrin’s inner desire was to do something different, something extra ordinary that will change her life completely. BUT WHAT ?? 

There were many obstacles & ups & down during this venture to figure out the right profession when she came to know about LTA & the beauty training standards. Like any other person at that time, she never knew Beauty could have a structured Education & Certification. 

This was in late 2011 when she visited LTA School of Beauty and found her answer. She picked up two international qualification one in Skin & other in Hair to balance her education. CIBTAC changed her perception towards Facials & she started enjoying planning treatment for her clients. After completing CIBTAC in Facial Treatments & CITY & GUILDS in Hair she was placed in Naturals’ Lounge as Esthetician. Actually Safrin got a higher entry into the workplace because of her international qualification. 

Safrin’s ambitions were high and she did not stop there. Through her network she got an opportunity to work in Houston, TEXAS in United States of America. She accepted the new challenge of flying miles away from Home to prove herself and make her dreams come true. The name of the Salon where she is working for last two years is  - “ OH MY BROWS” where she is working as a SENIOR ESTHETICIAN. 

“ I am very happy & enjoy my job it's fun, you get to transform people's skin and help them look their best “- everyone leaves happy.. This is what Safrin says about where she works. She is well paid there and her clients shower with gratitude money as well. With this Enhanced income Safrin has got her family with her in Houston and her son is settled schooling there.

Safrin says, “ I love learning new techniques and tips to help my clients and myself. I recommend staying educated and consistently provide quality service and treatment.”  She also takes the opportunity to thank LTA which has helped her with quality education which has helped her reach where she is today. 


Safrin Maknojia, Senior Esthetician, OH MY BROWS – Texas, Houston USA. 


( Note: The editor has made no editing in the story so as to maintain the spirit and feelings of the person, its been published as it was shared by the contributor, so ignore the grammars and get inspired by the feelings of the person)

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