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Let your Karva Chauth Makeup speaks about you!

India is full of festivals. All throughout the year, you will get to experience the diversity of the Indian culture in the form of different festivals. But, the most prominent festival for the Indian women is the Karva Chauth. Albeit the day is dedicated to all the husbands in India, but the day is more about the ladies. After all, keeping a whole day long fast is not a simple thing, is it? To add to it, ladies have to look beautiful on this day. From your outfit to your makeup, everything should be perfect. So, if you are confused regarding your makeup, here are some tips for you.

Beauty Regime-

While you are planning to fix the makeup that would suit you the best, don’t forget to pay heed to the basic things. Few days before the actual day, have a facial that will suit your skin type. Today, there are innumerable beauty treatments that are available for you. You can opt for anyone of them to look your best. Before applying the Mehandi, don’t forget to get the waxing, manicure, pedicure, etc. done well before time.


This is the time to experiment with the different beauty products available in the market. But, whatever you are going to experiment, do it with care. Whether you are going to change your hairstyle, opting for a different nail art, or are going the other way regarding the facials altogether; do it with care so that you wouldn’t have to face the hassles on the main day.

Alluring Eyes-

A woman’s eyes are the only thing that can talk much more than her mouth. And, the eyes are the ones that add an appeal to your personality and appearance. So, you just cannot afford to neglect the body part that is going to attract everyone towards you. To make your eyes look charismatic, follow these steps:

a). If you have thin eyelashes, then use the false lashes to enhance the appearance.

b). Apply winged eyeliner on your eyes to give them an exquisite touch.

c). Double coat your eyelashes with mascara and blink those stunning eyes as much as you want.

d). If you want, then you can also enhance your eyebrows with a highlighter.

e). Choose a dark shade of eye shadow to make them look aesthetically appealing.

Shining Face-

Your face depicts your elation. Your face depicts your love. Your face depicts your blush. When the shine on your face depicts how exhilarated you are, how can you hide the feelings of your heart? So, to make your face looks glossier, follow these steps:

a). Wash your face thoroughly with a face wash before applying the makeup.

b). Apply a moisturizer. You cannot afford to have rough and dry skin. So, not just on the face, but apply the moisturizer on your full body.

c). Put concealer on your face to hide all the abnormalities of the skin.

d). Apply foundation on the basis of the skin’s requirements.

e). Apply blush that will match your outfit. Don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and light.

Some other Tips-

- As far as the lips are concerned, then apply a dark colored lipstick that will match your outfit.

- Make a traditional hairstyle. Either you can tie your hair in a bun or make a braid out of it.

- Don’t forget your hand and toe nails. The dark and reddened Mehandi on your hands and toes will be intensified with the matching nail paint and nail art.

Karva Chauth is indeed one of the special occasions for the ladies. But, sometimes, just to look glamorous, they do over makeup. Keep it light and keep it simple. Take out the best in you and charm your hubby once again. 

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