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Advances beauty, makeup and nail trends in Delhi beauty & makeup June event

Beauty & Makeup Show Organized in New Delhi, 14th June.

The Beauty & Makeup Show was organized in the city, New Delhi-14th June by BeauPal.com in partnership with Lure Nails, Delhi School of Beauty & Makeup, Ozone Ayurvedics and Temptu witnessed a great gathering of salon professionals. The show was started with an insightful presentation by Hariom Tyagi, Managing Director, BeauPal.com who released “Indian Beauty & Makeup Survey” in the show. The Indian Beauty & Makeup Survey by BeauPal.com revealed trends in the Industry capturing the progress of salon services in India and what are new consumer trends emerging in beauty sector. The Indian Beauty & Makeup Survey by BeauPal.com emphasized on elevating the standard of services as more and more global salon brands consolidate their presence in India. 

The salon professionals and artists in the show applauded the nail art and design displayed by International Nail Artist Leyla Vazirova. Leyla Vazirova created wonderful nail art designs in the show and helped the attendees to learn “how they can pamper their customers with different exciting nail designs in their salons”. The nail art session followed by ‘The Art of Makeup’ by Shival Ghai spellbound the crowd by displaying two bridal looks. The mesmerizing bridal looks with Smokey eyes makeup performed by Shival Ghai with Temptu Airbush hypnotized the crowd by the ease of crafting modern bridal makeup. The last session by Ozone Aurvedics emphasized the fact that why facials with organic facial kits are more in demand by customers. The Ozone Ayurvedics displayed the impact of organic facial as the artist displayed the marvelous effect of right technique of facial. 

The Beauty & Makeup Show was a one day program capturing the wide spectrum of beauty & makeup with sessions on Nail, Makeup and Facial. 

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Advances beauty, makeup and nail trends in Delhi June event

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