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Makeup Artist is a career of creativity and imagination

Makeup artistry is very hot career these days as it offers high income opportunities and flexibility in terms of working as freelancer or work with high-end salons. If you are the one who likes doing creative things with cosmetics and enjoy creating different look, then ‘Makeup Artist’ is the career, you should certainly explore. A makeup artist works upon the appearance of the person by applying make-up and styling hair. There are various sectors where Makeup Artists are in huge demand like a makeup artist can choose to work in film, theater, concerts, photographic session and fashion shows. Other than this, a makeup artist has options of opting for a professional career with salons and spa. So, if you enjoy being creative, love fashion, hairdressing and cosmetics then ‘Makeup Artist’ is a perfect career for you.


The first step to becoming a professional makeup artist is to get appropriate training, education and certification from right beauty schools or beauty academy. There are several salons, training centers and beauty schools, beauty academies offering courses in makeup. 

While pursuing a career and education or training in makeup, you should always learn and enquire about the schools in terms of what kind of trainers they have, what kind of infrastructure they have so that you don’t end up doing a courses from sub-standard training center. A beauty school or beauty institute which has good track record of education & training matters a lot as you have to acquire comprehensive knowledge with both theory and practical classes. It merits mention here that an institute which provides ample scope of 'hands on experience' and practical work during training will be a better choice. The practical classes and 'hands on experience' on live models shall help your skill to groom better and make your creativity alive. It will help you develop precision in your work with the learning of methods of applications. It is advisable to talk to your trainers and experts while going for admission in beauty school so that you can make a confident decision that which school/institute can better train you as a makeup artist. An institute which has a history of education and skill development is always a safe bet as they provide good facility in terms of right infrastructure, learning environment and reputed trainers. IL&FS Institute of Skills- Beauty & Makeup Academy is one such name in the industry. Started in 1997, IL&FS education and other subsidiary companies IL&FS skills and IL&FS cluster has impacted over 15 million people in 26 states of India. With a strong background in education, training and skill development, IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy is equipped with all the required capabilities and infrastructure to train makeup artist with world-class education and training. IL&FS Institute of skills- beauty & makeup is a perfect institute for budding makeup artists as it offers both short term and long term courses. The beauty & makeup courses at IL&FS-Institute of Skills are highly customized as per the aspirant’s level and industry requirements. If you are completely new to this sector, you have an option of opting for basic course in makeup, and if you are having reasonable knowledge of makeup artistry and just want to fine tune the skills with the advanced techniques then you can opt for advanced course in makeup at IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy.

In totality you have to choose a beauty school or beauty academy which has right structure, comprehensive course curriculum and offers courses as per your level. You should consider the fact that your chosen beauty school or beauty academy will play an important role in developing and grooming your skill as a makeup artist, so be careful with that decision.


After your education and training in makeup, you will be able to use cosmetic techniques, color applications and processes to create beauty upon the human body. With your learnt artistic skills, you could enhance person’s appearance, bring out colors and features, hide flaws or create imaginative characters and looks. You will have complete understanding of how to make the person look best. As a makeup artist, you would understand different effects required by lighting and digital photography.

Work with Fashion Designers: These days makeup artist also works with fashion designers to create certain look for the model like emphasizing on some parts of face for enhancing shape or cheekbones. Due to increased use of HD and digital photography, makeup artists are increasingly in demand in fashion shoots, fashion shows and photography.

Work in Events:  Almost all events, stage shows or theaters need makeup artist for their work and performances. Whether it is a simple event or special event, you have an option to work with events and provide your expertise in makeup artistry.  

Celebrity or Film and Advertising: A film, serial or advertising demands lot of makeup work for its characters. Whether it is to enhance actor’s features, emphasize the character he/she plays, the makeup artist has to visualize and create that look of character for the actors. In fact, film, advertising can not survive without makeup artistry as the actor has to be transformed into a character and that can be done through makeup artistry only. Like a young actor has to look older or an old actor has to look younger, there is a lot to do with makeup in this sector. Other than this, celebrities do have their personal makeup artist as they travel for shows and do performances. So this area is also available for you as a makeup artist.

Salons or Freelancer: In daily life also, people experiment with their looks. In fact everyone has this strong desire of looking good for different occasion. Whether it is an ordinary get-together, or party or special events like engagement and wedding, makeup artist has a strong role to play. You can choose to work with salon or provide freelancing services for the customers in this area. 

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