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Nebula Airbrush by Kryolan elevates the techniques of Airbrush Makeup to next level

The makeup world across the globe is gaga over Airbrush Makeup. A compressed air technology delivering very fine particles of makeup onto the skin through a pen like gun is driving makeup artists crazy for its perfection like finish. Earlier Airbrush makeup was used by only special sectors like cinema, photography but now Airbrush makeup has grown to a routine makeup technique.  

The Airbrush Makeup has increasingly becomes popular as it helps in coverage of imperfections. The spray foundation delivers a flawless and smooth finish covering imperfections. Whether it is hyperpigmentation, scar or blemishes Airbrush makeup covers it all with perfection so that it is not noticed. Even the lines and wrinkles are well covered that it is not visible easily. The amount of coverage of makeup is so thin that it is very easy to wear and light on the skin as if there is no added makeup. The Airbrush Makeup goes so well with the skin ( if the shades are chosen correctly)  that appearance post makeup looks like very natural. Other than the perfect finish with evenly distributed makeup, the Airbrush makeup lasts long, as long as 12 hours and it does not easily rub off.

What kind of colors, foundations, shades are used that matters a lot in Airbrush Makeup. The basic problem experienced by Artists in Airbrush colors is that once applied, it can not fixed and sometimes it is drying for some skin types. The introduction of Nebula Airbush Color by Kryolan has elevated the art of Airbrush Makeup addressing issues with previously available Airbrush colors. The Kryolan has introduced Nebula Airbrush Makeup Sets containing 6 innovative colors. Nebula Airbrush color is scientifically designed formula which contains silicone to deliver a flawless and non-drying finish. Also, the artist has the liberty to manually fix it with fingers, sponge or brush to provide a perfect look. Nebula Airbrush Color is available in foundation, eye brow, blush and colored formulas.

Nebula Airbrush offers many advantages for a makeup artist, If you are using Nebula, you don’t need primer, the complexion color,base Nebula Airbrush gives satine like finish and the base with be very smooth and sheer. It dries very fast and you need not to add powder. Nebula Airbursh colors comes 3 kits (complexions) with 6 colors. The complexion 1 is for fair color for brighter skin tone, the complexion 2 is for yellow under tone or contouring color and the complexion 3 is for dark tone color like of Indian. Nebula Airbrush color is water resistant and extremely good for facial hair, as facial hair will not be visible with Nebula. The coverage provided by Nebula Airbrush is quite high, as high as that you even can cover a tattoo which is not possible with other airbrush color. So as a makeup artist, you bring several advantages with Nebula adding to your makeup artistry and provide natural perfection in makeup.

Nebula Airbrush is the future of Airbrush makeup and its time when you should add Nebula Airbrush in your makeup techniques. Kryolan Intenrational Makeup Artist, Emilie Guillermin is on the tour of India to train makeup artists for Nebula Airbrush makeup. The Beligum based Emilie Guillermin is part of Kryolan International Makeup Team and she is travelling to various parts of the country to demonstrate Nebula Airbrush Makeup. Emilie Guillermin is the leading artist for Kryolan Nebula campaign and she specializes in Airbrush, Fantasy and Fashion, Beauty and Editorial.

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