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Rejuvenate your skin by facial treatment with carica papaya

We all know that Facial is an important part of routine care of skin. Our skin goes under lot of stress due to the exposure with wider world like sun, harsh weather, pollution and chemicals in the environment.

All these factors affect the health and youthfulness of our skin; over & above this, ageing is another factor which progressively influences the look of our skin. In that case a routine facial is advised to restore the health and condition of the skin. An appropriately selected facial helps in improving the appearance, condition, restore skin functions and also provides relaxation. There are various types of facials and products which are being used as per the age, skin problem and skin type. You should choose your facial as per your skin type so as to get maximum benefits and youthfulness for your skin.

Papaya facial

The most popular facial which is widely used and helpful in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin is Papaya facial. Papaya extract has been proven for its various benefits for face treatment and skin. It is because Papaya extract (scientific name Carica Papaya) contains the enzymes papain and chymonpapain which has strong exfoliating properties. Carica Papaya in facial helps in removing damaged and dead skin and it improves tone & texture of skin. Scientific studies reveal that Carica Papaya improves the blood circulation in the skin area and it promotes vibrant and healthy complexion.

If you have developed brown spots due to sun exposure or you are just looking for healthier and youthful skin, Carica Papaya facial works wonder in that. As per the medical researchers, Papaya is the rich source of powerful antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and minerals like Magnesium, Pottassium along with Vitamin B Panthothenic Acid, folate and fiber and the enzyme papain. All of these nutrients contribute to the repairing and restoring of the skin condition and health.

From the perspective of benefits of Carica Papaya on skin:

- It has a skin lightening action which lightens the dark and tanned skin

- It transforms the collagen and elastic fibers under the dermis thus reduces wrinkles

- It accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells and dramatically restores the even ton look of skin

Overall Carica Papaya is potent enough to reverse skin ageing by its properties of skin repairing, hydrating and exfoliating.

papaya facial kits

There are many papaya facial kits available in the market but you should choose the one which ensures its natural part without compromising the quality. In pursuant of providing quality facial treatment, Ozone Ayurvedics has introduced Fair4Sure facial treatment kit which is developed with Carica Papaya Soothing Serum. 

Fair4Sure facial treatment kit is enriched with powerful skin clarifying, complexion enhancing and skin rejuvenating organic herbal extracts.  
Fair4Sure is a rare natural path to fairness, free from chemicals to give you flawless and glowing fairness – without chemicals and guilt.
FAIR4SURE facial treatment kit rejuvenates all skin types and enhances deep cleaning, exfoliation and moisturising. With natural, organic ingredients and plant extracts that help skin to replenish elasticity and builds collagen, enhances softness, firmness and radiance, reduce hyper-pigmentation and provides UV protection and combats free radical damage for youthful looks.

FAIR4SURE is carefully curated with extensive research and development. It is strengthened by the complex technology of Carica Papaya Soothing Serum which prepares the skin to get optimum treatment benefits by penetrating deep into the skin to restore elasticity, firmness and glow.

30 minutes treatment of Ozone’s “FAIR4SURE” ultimate whitening facial indicated for facial skin with uneven skin tone and texture, showing signs of pre-mature aging, lacking firmness and glow. The facial has five steps aloe deep skin cleanser, psidium guajava skin polisher, Carica Papaya soothing serum, vitamin rich massage cream, liquorice whitening face pack, alginate radiance peel- off masque and available in leading beauty salons across the country.

So if you are looking for a facial with Carica Papaya, you should certainly give Fair4Sure a try.

Also read about exfoliation at https://www.beaupal.com/en/blog/exfoliation-makes-your-skin-younger-brighter.htm

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