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Are your salon customers missing the international touch of beauty & makeup artistry?

The beauty & makeup salon customers in urban region are no more area centric. Reports suggest/ reveal that after every 5 people globally one is an Indian.  Super power of the world United States of America is flooded with Indians.  There won’t be any/ single salon in Urban India which have not experienced an Indian client who has traveled or lived abroad.  This drives us to a very important point that our customer visiting salon is not necessary be a local one, in fact its gone “Glocal” Global and Local...

Customer travelling internationally is always drawn towards aesthetics, beauty and culture of that country. Knowingly / unknowingly that individual expects those things from his / her countrymen.  Especially India is highly influenced by West.  Entire Bollywood is changing its fashion philosophy. Long hair has become short, black hairs is no more black, but have gone more colored and more trendy. Moreover challenging is when they come with reference pictures to an hair dresser and puts responsibility on him / her to make them look the same.  This clearly shows that any customer who is fashion conscious is or wants to look best, competitive will wish to have a look which is “trendy” or “in trends or internationally fashionable.”

Considering all this I strongly feel there is a big need for international exposure for Indian Hairdressers so as to meet the demand of salon customers. Its not just the knowledge of cutting hair or coloring or styling – it’s the exposure and vision which adds lot of value to our growth.  In India we have few good international hairdressing institutes.  But they hardly have International trainers.

It’s a delight and lifetime experience to learn from a foreign institute of international stature.

The testimony to ‘how a global exposure for an artist matters’ can be understood from Asma Khan. Asma Khan who is joining Singapore Tour in April for international exposure of beauty & makeup industry says, “I am in this industry for just 7 years now.  Having taken advance hairdressing training at Impression Academy, Pune and upgrading knowledge time and again with seminars and workshops I still feel that I deserve more knowledge, much better exposure which will add to my career graph.  In India people don’t want to sacrifice on length of hair still want different looks, haircuts all the time.  Salon customers and even we as hairdressers get bored of same prototype cuts.  So many of my salon customers bring YouTube videos, google downloaded pictures or some magazine and ask me to give that look.  And, truly one cannot learn hairdressing online or by watching videos.  We need to be close to the hairdressing area, watch the hairdressers hands while working, the way they think and explain cuts, the way they section hair, do blow dry.  Most importantly how they consult clients, how they describe post care and sell products for home care.  There is soo much to learn”. 

“I choose to grow, so I choose to learn and learn. I defiantly feel these 3 Singapore certifications will add more respect from my clients, friends and my conservative family.  Presently I am charging 600 Rs. for a creative cut.  But after international training and certifications I can defiantly charge up to Rs.1000” further adds Asma Khan. Asma Khan who owns Sparkle Spa and Salon in Pune emphasizes on the importance of global exposure in beauty & makeup industry.

Several hair dressers and artists along with Asma Khan has enrolled for an educational tour to Singapore. The tour shall empower the salon artists with global exposure and international certification from reputed beauty institutes like Toni & Guy, Kimage and One Academy. The edeucational tour for hair dresser and artists is scheduled in April.

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