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Saree Draping

Saree drapping is an Art! Learn How to drap a Saree?

Saree is one of the most magnificent and traditional dress for a woman. Saree is the only dress with which a woman can portray herself in more than features whether its sensuality or simplicity, Saree has the charm to portray both in an elegant way. It is one of the most graceful dress for a woman which adds on in the beauty and elegance of a woman. 
But the question is How to wear a Saree? Saree drapping is an art and how you would like to drap saree depends upon two major factors
Saree drapping can differ from the perspective of occasion like you are planning to wear saree for your own wedding, friend's wedding or for party, for daily purpose or for office. The style of drapping of Saree will vary as per the function or occasion you are getting ready for. The saree drapping for wedding will certainly be different than the saree drapping for a party or general function. 
Cultural/Style Influence
The cultural influence and some popular styles also influence the saree drapping. You may like to wear saree like Mahrashtrian style, Bengali Style, Gujraati Sareeand then there are some popular styles like Mumtaz style, Mermaid Style, Nivi style, Lehnga Style etc.
So when you are planning for wearing a Saree, consider above 02 points as your starting points for saree drapping in terms of occasion and which style you would be comfortable with.  And then rest is about design, textures or patterns which you may like to choose from.
Comfortable? This is one of the most important points to account for when you plan to wear a saree! You should be, in fact feel, comfortable in Saree and it should not be drapped in way where it restricts your mobility. The appropriate art of Saree drapping is that it portrays the desired elegance without affecting the mobility.

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