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Skin Care Daily Routine

Skin care is an important aspect of your good look and caring for skin is a vital part of daily and weekly routine. How do you feel about yourself depends upon how do you look and “how do you look” that depends upon your attitude towards your skin care.  You feel confident and joyful when your skin is fresh and glowing with health. 

If you really want to adopt proper skin care practice, it is necessary to know your skin type.  There are five basic skin types Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Combination and Sensitive Skin. The skin care regiment can better work out as per the skin type, what works best with each skin type, we will learn it in next chapter. Here we would like to know the common skin care practice which one should follow irrespective of the skin type.

Cleansing:  If you want your skin to be in good health then every day cleansing is very important.  It is advised that you should wash your skin twice every day with a good facial cleanser.  It is advised here that you should use a facial cleanser which is more suited as per your skin type. From the perspective of makeup, cleansing helps in removing left over makeup and cosmetics which can clog the skin pores.

·         Cleansing helps in removing the excess oil and environmental impurities

·         Cleansing removes sweat, dust, dirt and dead layer

·         Cleansing improve radiance makes it fresh and clean

Tip: Don’t do excessive cleansing as it can damage the skin. Don’t use regular soap or soaps containing perfume as it disturbs the protective layer of skin.

Cleansing also prepares your skin for the next step of skin care regimen and that is Toning.

Toning:  First of all Toner removes the cleanser if it is left out on the skin. Toning helps in maintain the pH level of skin and it refreshes the skin. Toning refines the skin surface and boosts cell renewal, therefore you should use a toner which gives your skin required vitamins and minerals.

As a good skin care practice, you should use toner twice a day just after cleansing.

Moisturizing: In order to maintain normal moisture balance, moisturizing your skin is third important step of your skin care routine. Even if you are an oily skin, moisturizing is important to put the lost moisture back into your skin. Moisturizing helps in keeping your skin soft, glowing and supple.

For maintaining the best moisturized skin, drink plenty of waters every day, as water clears out toxins from your skin and protect your skin from sun rays.

SO Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing (CTM) is the right skin care regimen one should follow. How to do process CTM that we should learn in next article.

Tip for Professionals- Beauticians & Makeup Artist: The Right CTM as per the Right Skin Type with Right Product makes wonder for the best makeup 

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