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Aveda Spa & Wellness Salon in Old Palasia Indore

Aveda word is an ancient word which means “All knowledge”. All treatments are designed to unite energies with the splendor of surrounding natural environment and local culture to enhance guest’s experience. Each and every Aveda Spa is a refuge-instantly welcoming and individual in character.AVEDA Spa. We offer blend of traditional systems of Medicine from various streams of healing to give you a complete pampering and rejuvenating experience. We believe in offering quality treatments to keep you healthy and cheerful. Starting from wellness assessment and lifestyle modifications, we offer tailored Spa and Wellness experience like the group exercise sessions, Hydrotherapy, and so on. Aveda spas take a personalized approach, customizing encounters to one’s individual needs. A visit to a Aveda spa is a personal journey tailored to achieve ultimate results.greeting and farewell with which the country has captured many a visitor´s heart. The rituals at our spas reflect the essence of ancient Indian wisdom and culture. We greet our guests with “Namaste” meaning “I bow to you” in Sanskrit - with our head bowed and hands folded. It also has a spiritual significance of negating or reducing one’s ego in the presence of another. The true meeting between people is the meeting of their minds. Hence “Namaste also means “May our minds meet”. The bowing down of the head is a gracious form of extending friendship in love and humility.The foot bath has traditionally been performed as a sign of respect, before welcoming guests over the threshold. We recreate this endearing ritual, washing our guests feet in a bath made from essential oils, ginger and fennel.Anointing and garlanding is another custom that shows guests how much their visit has been appreciated, and wishes them well on their way out. As you walk out of our doors, we bid farewell with a garland of fragrant flowers.Aveda will leave you feeling beautiful, relaxed and rejuvenated . Just close your eyes and sink into deep relaxation while our staff pamper you with the most exotic therapies, which will give you serenity, peace and a sense of well-being all over. Feel awakened and alive, experience a tingling freshness in every part of your body. Discover a new, younger and radiant you. Discover a feeling of wellness unlike any is the prime mission of each here at Aveda

Services Offered by Aveda Spa & Wellness Salon Old Palasia Indore

  • Hair Care & More
  • Skin Care & More
  • Beauty & Make Up
  • Nails, Nail Art & Tattoo
  • Body Care and Spa

Aveda Spa & Wellness Salon Old Palasia Indore have professional to provide expert services to Both Male and Female


Baikunth Dham Colony
Old Palasia
Indore - 452001
Madhya Pradesh

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